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Tongue & Groove:

Each Hard Wood Plank has a Groove cut along one edge and a Tongue along the opposite edge (Tongue & Groove System). When installed the Tongue on one plank fits into the Groove of the next plank.The Wooden Plank is fixed to either a 9 mm Marine Plywood or 25 mm Wooden Runners screwed to the cement floor at 300 mm interval with adhesive and 45 degree blind nailing system at the Tongue using imported stainlessteel cleats . Hence the Nails are not visible  externally.


Thickness - 12/15/18 mm
Width       - 70/90/100/120 mm
Length     - 450 to 2200 mm in Random


Four side plained Hard wood strips is directly fixed to the level plastered cement floor using  adhesives.


Thickness - 10 mm
Width      - 50/ 60 mm
Length     - 250/300 mm