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1. Sweep the floor  often with soft, fine bristle broom.

2. Vacuum once or twice a week to remove dirt .  Use a soft brush attachment.

3. Remove wet spills ASAP with soft towels or wet/ dry vacuum, then dry thoroughly.

4. Use a very dry mop when mopping the floor.

5. If possible do not wear heavy shoes or very high heels on harwood floors as some heels can cause dents.

6. Never drag furniture or other objects across a wood floor. Use furniture pads underneath the legs of the furniture.

7. The UV light (which is part of sunlight) has an effect on wood finishes. If it is exposed to significant amount of bright sunlight the wood colour will fade. Part of the natural beauty of a hard wood floor is the fact that its appearance will change over time and consider blinds on windows that receive plentiful sunlight.